Spring Term 2020

Hello there everyone, just a quick message to give you some dates for next term.

The Friends’ Meeting House classes will continue as they are, sold in blocks of 8 for £95 and are ongoing, not set by a term length.  My other classes at the Crescent Arts Centre and Newtownards will run to term lengths 13 January’20 – 30 March’20 with half-term w/c17 Feb. 

I have also changed the name of the classes to Intuitive Yoga — that is because my biggest influence on my teaching is Vanda Scaravelli and Diane Long.  I will also add some Somatics and the odd Pilates movement that I feel is in line with how I teach movement.  Anyway, as most of you know I respond to what is in front of me and my classes are small so that I can give individual attention, guidance and help.  The term classes are 11 weeks long and will cost £125.

I have chosen 3 Saturday dates for an extended class/workshop — I would like to extended the usual time to 3hrs instead of 2hrs, starting at 10.30am at St. Marks Church Hall, Newtownards – the dates and time are not set in stone and I will work to suit what people prefer (21/2hrs!!).  The dates for the next term are:

Saturday 1st Feb ’20
Saturday 28 Mar ’20
Saturday 25 April ’20

If you have other dates to suggest please send them to me – all ideas welcome!

I managed to get to my teacher Diane Long this summer which was just what I needed and have since been studying a weekend each month in Glasgow with Marc Acquaviva who has worked with Diane for many years.  As my practice deepens and I assimilate the teachings they will be brought through in my classes and I am enjoying it all.

If you have never done an extended class or workshop with me don’t worry, the time flies and the work becomes clearer when you have time to relax into it all, so give it a try. 

All the best, Barbara