Class schedule for Autumn 2021

Hello there I hope you have had a good time with the fantastic weather we have had over the past few weeks.  I have spent the time in Fermanagh and swimming in Lough Erne when I could get a quiet and safe enough place to swim.  Everywhere has been crowded with tourists, local and from abroad. 

I do not feel that I will be able to open an in-person class this term but for the moment I will continue to teach on zoom and perhaps if there is interest in a Saturday workshop or extended class we could do that.  It would be good to teach in-person although I am surprised at how good the zoom/online classes work and how much I can see. I feel it improves my verbal skills and directions plus listening and viewing skills.  It very much helps with improving your sensitivity and awareness skills, really getting into your body.

I am going to extend the classes to one hour long as I usually run over anyway and the cost will be £10 per class. The blocks will be for 4 weeks, making a one class block £40.  There will be 3 blocks in the term – 12 weeks altogether = £120 for one class for all 3 blocks or you can pay 1 block at a time.  The class timings will be 6-7pm on both evening classes as that seems to suit most people.

I am hoping to go to visit my teacher in Italy in October so I have chosen the class dates around my dates in the beginning of October but these may well change depending on how Covid is being coped with and if I can be allowed into Italy!!

All the best and hope to see you soon, enjoy the summer and take care,