Class schedule for Spring 2022

Hello there, Happy New Year to you and I hope you had a restful holiday season and are now slowly coming around to getting back into 2022!!

I am still struggling, trying to rest and at the same time trying to look ahead but I have managed to figure out dates to restart classes on the Tuesday and Thursday evenings on zoom – 6-6.45pm and I usually run over!

I am going back to a 45 min class costing £40 for a block of 5 classes and if you wish to do a second class that will cost £5 not the full £8 so the block will cost £25. 

Thank you to those of you who have been coming to a regular 2 classes a week, it has been a great support.

Block one classes

Tuesday classes 25 January to 22 February

Thursday classes 29 January to 24 February

Block two classes

Tuesday classes 1 March to 29 March

Thursday classes 3 March to 31 March

I know that 17 March will be a bank holiday but we can change it to Thursday 7 April the following week if people prefer, but who knows what will be going on and we may well be at home!!

If you’d like to join a class, please contact me