One-to-one classes

One-to-One classes can help you develop a practice that deepens your level of ability and awareness more than you can achieve in a group class. They allow both yourself and the teacher to learn more about your body’s needs, abilities and perhaps uncover postural patterns that are no longer needed or beneficial to you. When you do your group class you are then more aware of how to move your body beyond the general instructions given in the class.

I am an experienced teacher with over 28 years of experience in Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy Massage and Somatics.

The skill of the one-to-one teacher is to understand and support your individual anatomy, postural and movement habit patterns and provide insight as to how to establish patterns which help to organise your body in a balanced and effortless way. This is an energetic stability which can be experienced in the body and the mind.