Private Classes

When we learn in an open class situation we may miss all the corrections to alignment that are necessary to pick up for a yoga practice.

Vanda Scaravelli

Even a good yoga teacher with a small class cannot always keep an eye on everyone at the same time.

Small mis- alignments can be missed and these can be carried forward into other more complex postures. Also the class can only go as far as the slowest student.

The benefits of a private class are:-

•    you learn a personal practice suitable for yourself;
•    you choose a time and pace that is suitable for you;
•    you learn and understand more about the postures;
•    you’re able to ask questions and
•    the class is focused on you on that day.

1st class is £45and is 1 ¼ hours and I take your medical history.
Thereafter a single class is £40 and a series of five 1 hour classes is £175 to be used over three months. I recommend two classes a month.