Yoga and Pilates

The benefits of Yoga and Pilates

In my classes I combine the precision of Pilates with the calm grace of Vanda Scaravelli inspired yoga.


Get the best of both

Both Pilates and Yoga create an aware, strong internal body, relaxing the outer muscular system, undoing tension in order to find greater integration. Yoga’s standing balances can teach us to use our Pilates strength in a functional way. Relaxing the upright body by surrendering weight to gravity starts an organic process of unfoldment in the body, mind and spirit. With continued practice a new network of muscles is brought into use. Then our movements can come from the spine and lead us back to the spine more freely.

The whole body is involved in every movement

In class we train our attention so that we can feel more, do less and allow the body’s own intelligence to express itself spontaneously. Each pose supports proper alignment while releasing muscular tension, revitalising and reuniting with one’s essential nature of harmony, wholeness and freedom.

And the benefits are…

  • flexibility
  • strength
  • stress relief
  • relaxation
  • improved breathing
  • increased energy
  • calm balance
  • co-ordination
  • rehabilitation